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Garden Butterfly Survey summary results for Year:

This page shows live results from the Garden Butterfly Survey. The first table shows the levels of participation, while the second shows how frequently different species have been seen and the earliest and latest sightings of them from the Garden Butterfly Survey (for the selected year). Species only appear in the results table if there has been at least one sighting in the selected year. If you are logged in then your own GBS results will also appear in the tables below.

See a summary of the results of Garden Butterfly Survey 2016.

Survey statistics

Total number of gardens:595
Total number of records:1870

Species statistics

  No. Gardens No. Records Total abundance Earliest sighting Latest sighting
Orange-tip 12 15 15 15-Mar 28-Mar
Large White 10 10 11 09-Mar 28-Mar
Small White 24 26 28 08-Mar 28-Mar
Green-veined White 2 2 2 09-Mar 13-Mar
Brimstone 374 642 865 01-Feb 28-Mar
Speckled Wood 10 11 12 15-Mar 27-Mar
Gatekeeper 1 1 1 26-Mar 26-Mar
Red Admiral 143 191 209 01-Jan 28-Mar
Painted Lady 4 5 5 16-Feb 26-Mar
Peacock 219 314 384 17-Jan 28-Mar
Small Tortoiseshell 219 335 455 08-Jan 28-Mar
Comma 203 287 347 20-Jan 28-Mar
Small Copper 1 1 1 26-Mar 26-Mar
Holly Blue 23 29 30 15-Mar 28-Mar
Common Blue 1 1 1 26-Mar 26-Mar

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